Addressing Sexual Assault on Campus: Supporting Students and Staff

Training for addressing Sexual Assault on Campus:

Supporting Students and Staff


Following recent awareness around harassment and abuse on campus, education institutions are recognising and reassessing their responsibility to address the problem using a proactive approach. The UK government has asked UK Universities to set up and lead a task force to develop a code of practice to help tackle violence against women on campuses.

Recently, Oxford and Cambridge University introduced classes for freshers about sexual consent and further UK Universities and Colleges are following suit.

But it’s not only undergraduates who are victims, college students, female academics and PhD students have also reported abuse in their institutions.

NUS research revealed, the telling of rape and sexual assault jokes is commonplace on UK campuses, with two-thirds of the participants admitting to witnessing it in a university environment. Hidden Marks, NUS 2011


The course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to provide the highest level of support to students and staff who are directly and indirectly affected by sexual assault and harassment.

The course will also give you guidance on reporting structures to ensure these are clear to your audience as well as how to lead the next steps after a report has been made using approaches that minimise the effect of re-traumatising victims. Those who attend this course will gain understanding on keeping your students and staff safe from abuse.


Who is this course for?

Educational institutions committed to providing a safe environment for their students and staff.

-          Identified Key Staff

-          Board Governors

-          Safeguarding Officers

-          Campus chaplains

-          Course Tutors

-          Line managers

-          Campus counsellors

-          Student services


The course will give you an understanding of :

  •    harassment and abuse including
  •    legislation relevant for educational institutions
  •    how to respond to any incidents of abuse
  •    how to create reporting channels that are clear to students and staff
  •   how to support someone to report abuse
  •   how to help students learn about and prevent sexual violence
  •   how to make students and staff who have been affected by sexual assault and/or harassment feel supported
  •   practical methods to eradicate abuse on campus and address the culture which feeds into damaging treatment of women
  •  policies and procedures relating to sexual abuse on campus
  • services that can guide and assist you, your institution or a survivor of abuse



Bristol – 8th December 2017

London – 4th October 2017



£150 Full Women’s Aid Members

£175 Non-Members


This course is also available as a bespoke course by request, for institutions who would find tailored in-house training suitable.

To request, please go to our Consultancy Services and Bespoke Training Page.


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