Domestic Abuse in the Workplace



Domestic Abuse in the Workplace


In any one year, more than 20% of employed women are experiencing domestic abuse. This has a profound effect on productivity and sickness in the workplace.

Women’s Aid offers in-house training to organisations, agencies and businesses to raise their awareness and support the implementation of policies and procedures

Whether your organisation or business has a large staff team or a small staff team, all are covered by health and safety at work policy and law. Is domestic abuse covered? Have you taken into account the recent changes in the law relating to domestic abuse?

This course will ensure all staff feel safe and supported in the workplace and have a positive impact on all who attend.


The training covers:

      The UK context relating to the workplace.

      Domestic violence/abuse and the use of coercion.

      An understanding of how supporting/working alongside a victim/survivor may impact on colleagues and managers.

      Recognising the signs and symptoms of someone experiencing domestic violence/abuse.

      Supporting an employee/colleague experiencing DV in the work place.

      Asking the question and responding effectively to a disclosure.

      DV policy and procedures – the way forward.

      Further resources.


This comprehensive course is available by request.

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