Female Genital Mutilation: Understanding the Impact within a Domestic and Child Abuse Context (CPD Course)


Female Genital Mutilation:

Understanding the Impact within a Domestic and Child Abuse Context (CPD)



Awareness of Female Genital Mutilation has risen rapidly in the last 5 years mainly due to courageous activists and survivors who have prioritised its campaign. It is estimated that 23,000 girls are cut in the UK (Daughters of Eve). The Female Genital Mutilation Act was created in 2003 and recently amended by the Serious Crimes Act 2015 to provide guidance and protection to those affected by Female Genital Mutilation.


This course aims to give a holistic and comprehensive understanding of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) within the sphere of domestic and child abuse, pulling from the legislative power that can be drawn upon for support, for those working in communities to end this form of violence against women and children. The course explores the detrimental effects of Female Genital Mutilation and the risk to young women and girls at home and abroad. Professionals who attend this course will gain a new perspective and approach to ending Female Genital Mutilation and leave with the skills to effectively support survivors.


Topics covered include:  

·         Understanding FGM in the context of Domestic and Child Abuse

-         What the legislation says on FGM, duties and protection orders

-         Overcoming myths and cultural barriers

·         Recognising the signs of abuse

·         Long-standing health effects of FGM

·         Best practice for professionals effecting real change in the UK

·         Providing support and safety to survivors


Who is this course aimed at? 


·         Domestic Violence Workers including DAPA’s, IDVA’s and ISVA’s

·         Health professionals including Midwives, Health Visitors and GP’s.

·         Refuge Staff

·         Legal professionals

·         Community workers

·         Social workers

·         Police  

-         Housing Officers  

          and other interested professionals.



Bristol – 9th November 2017

Manchester – 10th October 2017

 London – 16th January 2018



Full Women's Aid members: £150

Non- members: £175


Please note that submitting an application form will automatically generate an invoice so please only apply if you wish to attend the course. If you have any questions please email: training@womensaid.org.uk