Teenage Relationship Abuse: Understanding Digital Abuse and Coercive Control (CPD course)

Women’s Aid is happy to offer this updated course: 


Teenage Relationship Abuse:

Understanding Digital Abuse and Coercive Control (CPD)


Young people, particularly young women aged between 16 and 24 are most at risk to abuse in relationships. Young people spend more than 27 hours a week on the internet (Ofcom 2014) and for most teenagers, technology is an integral part of their existence and in many cases, their relationships.  


This course is grounded in young people’s contemporary lives and it is framed in context of recent national directive and legislative changes, (such as for example, the criminalisation of coercive control; the lowering of age to 16 & 17 in the Home office definition of domestic abuse etc.). The course explores specific risks to relationship abuse for young people and aims to deepen understanding and sharpen professionals’ skills in working with and supporting young people. 


Topics covered include:  

·         Relationship abuse

·         Digital abuse and Coercive behaviours

·         ‘Sexting’ & Revenge porn

·         Pornography and Sexual objectification

·         Effective engagement of young people

·         Recognising the warning signs of unhealthy /abusive relationships

·         Multi-agency work & safeguarding issues

·         Up –to- date recourses (both online and in the community)


Who is this course aimed at? 

·         Domestic Violence Workers in direct contact with Young People

·         Youth Workers

·         Foster Carers

·         Teachers

·         Counsellors & therapists

·         Social Workers

·         Workers from any children’s young people’s organisations

          and other interested professionals.


“Excellent training, lots of info which I will reflect on, digest and build into my practice”



Manchester - 10th November 2016- FULLY BOOKED

London - 16th February 2017


Full Women's Aid members: £125

Non- members: £150

Please note that submitting an application form will automatically generate an invoice so please only apply if you wish to attend the course. If you have any questions please email: training@womensaid.org.uk