Doing No Further Harm: Working with Mental Health Impacts of Domestic & Sexual Abuse (CPD Course)


This is an engaging course for anyone who wants to further their understanding of the relationship between mental health and domestic abuse and of ways of working with women and young people to support their recovery.

A programme especially for support workers, mental health practitioners, and anyone interested in developing a trauma informed response to survivors of abuse. This training can support the development of a psychologically informed environment [PIE] in support services for vulnerable people.


Learning outcomes:

o   debunk some of the myths about mental health and domestic and sexual abuse

o   recognise impacts of abuse on mental health, how people may present and be diagnosed, and barriers to seeking help

o   understand how the human brain responds to trauma and abuse

o   describe the foundations of trauma informed practice, and tools to help someone manage their distress and regulate their emotions

o   find out about support available and pathways to specialist services

o   recognise how working with people affected by abuse and trauma can affect you, and strategies for self-care.



Sheffield - 

              - 13th September 2017

London - 

             - 31st January 2018



Full Women's Aid Members - £150

Non- Members - £175


Trainer profiles:

Maureen Storey, Director, VIDA Sheffield [& M.C. Sheffield Area Refuge & Support]

Maureen has worked on issues of domestic and sexual abuse since the late 70’s, in a campaigning, training and awareness role. She has been supporting the development of specialist services and was the Sheffield’s Co-ordinator for strategic work to tackle domestic abuse for 15 years, (when VIDA was known as Sheffield Domestic Abuse Forum).

Currently she is engaged in training delivery, strategic work, fundraising and she is also a longstanding Committee member of Sheffield Women’s Aid.  VIDA have an excellent reputation for high quality, experiential training on a range of issues related to domestic and sexual abuse.

Jane McClaren Clinical Manager, Eva Women’s Services, VIDA Sheffield

Jane has over 15 years’ experience of developing and delivering a range of training related to domestic and sexual abuse. She has held various roles with SDAF/VIDA, first as Coordinator of the Step by Step group work programme for children affected by domestic abuse and their mothers, then Floating Support Service manager, and now Clinical Manager of our Eva Women’s Therapy Service. 

Jane is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist [accredited with BABCP] and an EMDR practitioner, specialising in trauma focused therapy. 

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