Professionalise your title & become a registered practitioner

DAPAs can register their professional details with the Women's Aid Register of Practitioners 

DAPAs can register their professional details with the Women's Aid Register of Practitioners 


Obtaining the national Certificate for Tackling & Preventing Domestic and Sexual Violence/Abuse will entitle you to register your qualification and role with us. This qualification equips you with the knowledge and skills required to carry out many of the specialist roles within the sector. Once qualified you are able to practice as a DAPA or apply for other associated roles such as Refuge, IDVA, Outreach & Children's Worker, registering your qualification and title with us .

How do I become a DAPA?


To become a DAPA you have to complete the Women’s Aid Certificate in Tackling and Preventing Domestic and Sexual Violence/Abuse. To undertake the Certificate, you are required to be in employment with at least six months experience of working with survivors in the sector.

Once you have achieved the Certificate, you will have the choice of registering as a Registered Domestic Abuse Prevention Advocate (R- DAPA)  or registering using your current professional title e.g Registered Domestic Abuse Children's Advocate (R-DACA) or Registered Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (R-IDVA).

Being on the Register of Practitioners provides you with:

  • Recognition within the sector and continuing professional development opportunities.
  • Access to targeted resources and information through a dedicated part of the Women’s Aid website (currently in development).
  • Networking opportunities and benefits as Women’s Aid promotes the Register of Practitioners to its national network of domestic and sexual violence services.

The IDVA role

Please note that there are currently two qualifications that are endorsed by the Home office as being suitable for the IDVA role; one is run by us (Women’s Aid) and the other by CAADA.

 The endorsement for the Women’s Aid qualification is specifically mentioned in the 2014 summer edition of the Government’s Violence against women and girls (VAWG) newsletter:

 “The Home Office endorses the Women’s Aid National Certificate and Diploma in Tackling and Preventing Domestic Violence that is run through the National Open College Network (NOCN), as suitable for the IDVA role”

If required, the full text of the Home Office newsletter is available from this link.

In addition to its suitability for the many roles within the sector, the National Certificate is a progressional qualification, in that it qualifies you to enroll for the Diploma in Tackling Domestic Violence/Abuse – the highest vocational qualification delivered in the sector. Obtaining the Diploma gives you a direct pathway to a Masters degree at the University of Worcester.






Please note if you completed the ‘Effective Responses to Domestic and Sexual Violence’ course with Women’s Aid from 1st April 2011- 31st March 2013, or were part of the pilot programme you are eligible for free registration for one year beginning 1st July 2013.


What if I am not eligible to become a DAPA?


The Award in Tackling Domestic Violence /Abuse has been developed for those with less than two years’ experience of working with survivors, and is a recognised qualification in the sector. The Award is also open to those who work with survivors but don’t work within the domestic and sexual violence sector, for example if you work within a Housing Department, Social Services or the Civil Service.

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