Award in Tackling and Preventing Domestic Violence/ Abuse


The Award in Tackling and Preventing Domestic Violence/Abuse has been developed for those with little or no experience of working with survivors or for those wanting to enter the sector. The Award is also open to those who work with survivors but don’t work within the domestic and sexual violence sector, for example if you work within a Housing Department, Social Services or the Civil Service. It is also suited for people that want to enter into the Domestic Violence sector. The Award is a recognised qualification in the sector.

Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of domestic and sexual abuse which will enable them to provide a more effective and safe response within their work role.

The award can be your first step on your career path in the domestic and sexual violence sector and this course is particularly relevant for Volunteers or new workers in the Domestic Abuse sector


The qualification consists of three units:

  • Nature and impact of domestic violence/abuse
  • The nature and impact of domestic violence/abuse on children and young people
  • Professional responses to domestic violence/abuse
  • 6 days training over 3 months and a Nationally Recognised Qualification - 12 Credits


£960 for Women's Aid Members or £1,260 for non-members

Please note we are in the middle of changing our website so currently you are unable to book for forthcoming dates for this year (2017). However please see the delivery dates below for information and if you'd like to register your interest then please email

Dates & Locations

Manchester 2017- Luther King House 

  • Unit 1- 12 & 13 July 
  • Unit 2 - 2 & 3 August 
  • Unit 3 - 20 & 21  September

London 2017 - Tindlemanor

  • Unit 1 - 26th & 27th September 
  • Unit 2 - 24th & 25th October
  • Unit 3 - 12th & 13th December