Diploma in Tackling and Preventing Domestic Violence/Abuse

Diploma in Tackling & Preventing Domestic Violence

The Women’s Aid National Training Centre is now running the Diploma in Tackling and Preventing Domestic Violence, which is the highest credit based qualification for the domestic violence sector.

What do I need to apply? 
Students who have successfully achieved the Certificate in Tackling and Preventing Domestic Violence qualify to apply for the Diploma.

To obtain the Diploma 3 further units must be successfully completed and for the next 12 months those units will be:

  •  Equality & Diversity & DV (£325)
  •  Mental Health & DV (£325)
  •  Feminist principles & DV (£275)

All are run over 3 consecutive months. 

Please note we are in the middle of changing our website so currently you are unable to book for forthcoming dates for this year (2017). However please see the delivery dates below for information and if you'd like to register your interest then please email: training@womensaid.org.uk

The next training is taking place in London on the following dates:

  • 30th & 31st Jan 2018 (Mental Health)
  • 27th & 28th Feb 2018  (Equality and Diversity)
  • 22nd Mar 2018 (Feminist Principles)

The units can be paid for in installments if necessary - please speak to someone from the National Training Centre to discuss this option 0117 9447190.

The University of Worcester has agreed to accept the Diploma in Preventing and Tackling Violence as meeting the entry requirements of their qualification, which is the MA in Professional Development: The Dynamics of Domestic Violence.

Further information can be obtained from the University of Worcester www.worcester.ac.uk.

Please email training@womensaid.org.uk to apply