17th August 2015

AMENDMENT- an error has occurred! Please apply for the INVEST FUND and NOT the ENABLE fund as was originally put in this information and the mailout sent last week (14th August). Apologies for the mix up. The information given below does relate to the INVEST application so is fine to use. 

Urgent Information- this opportunity must be responded to BEFORE the 28th August 2015

There is a funding opportunity through Lloyds TSB that will enable you to apply for a grant for training your staff with the Women’s Aid National Training Centre.

The application is specifically for the National Award and Certificate in Tackling & Preventing Domestic & Sexual Violence/Abuse. Some of you will already be aware of this qualification but for those of you that are not the details can be found here:


Because of the time frame involved we have put together some template answers to the questions that we thought you might find beneficial.

There are 2 grants on offer through Lloyds TSB - you need to select the INVEST  fund and not the ENABLE fund when you complete this expression of interest.

As a provider of specialist Domestic Violence services you already fit the criteria to apply.

Below are some model answers to the 2 specific questions on the expression of interest form that we hope will aid you in the application process. Please note that you will need to change the wording to suit your organisation & that our answers are just a guide. 

You will need to go onto the Women’s Aid website for specific start dates and locations for the courses



Here is the link to the information and application on the Lloyds website. If you need any help then please call the Training Centre and we will try and help you - 0117 9447190



Please tell us briefly what difference this funding will help you achieve for the people you support

Women’s Aid (England) have a set of quality standards that are a benchmark for Domestic Violence/Abuse service providers. One of the criteria of the standards is to have qualified staff. Having qualified staff will also strengthen any application to tender for our Domestic Abuse Services in the future, should this be required.

[Name of your organisation] has been supporting women and children fleeing domestic abuse for [number of years]. Before 2010 there was not a formal qualification for this work. There is now a National Accredited Qualification for the Certificate in Tackling and Preventing Domestic & Sexual Violence/Abuse which covers the theoretical & practical areas of the work that we do. However [name of organisation] do not have the funding within our budget to support our staff team to obtain this qualification.

The qualification will add to our existing knowledge and skills to enable us to carry out our roles more effectively, giving the women and children we support an improved service. This is [number of women and children supported per year].

Please state what the grant will fund- please also state the total costs and provide a breakdown of how the grant will be spent

This grant will fund the [number] of support workers within the organisation to obtain either the National Award (suitable for volunteers and new staff members) or the National Certificate (suitable for experienced staff). The cost of the National Award is £900 and the National Certificate is £1920 per person.

The Award is delivered over 6 days within a 3 month period and the Certificate is delivered over 10 days within a 4 month period, after which submission of 3/ 4 assignments are required.

The delivery takes place in either London, Manchester or Bristol.

Breakdown of costs:


£900 x number of staff members

Travel costs x number of staff members

Subsistence x number of staff members

Hotel costs x number of staff members

Total Cost :


£1920 x number of staff members

Travel costs x number of staff members

Subsistence x number of staff members

Hotel costs x number of staff members

Total Cost: